Manga Manga Manga Fair!

The Manga Fair opened a day or two ago, and is full of the quirky designs for which this genre is famous. You must go and see, there is something for everyone 🙂

Manga Manga Manga Fair!

Jump Doll dress by Yasum on the left, and Vintage Satin dress by Ambrosia on the right. I am also wearing Bonya hair from Ayashi!

Manga Manga Manga Fair!

Floral Romper sets by Moon Amore – comes with 3 different colour selection Huds!

Manga Manga Manga Fair!

Melon Fruit Top from Aphrodisiac

Manga Manga Manga Fair!

Strawberry Milkshake dress from Pantsu Hunter, Lolly Dress by Glitzz, and Oona Dress by Bubblegoth

Manga Manga Manga Fair!

Hair is Jade by RunAway, glasses are Kawaii by Pekka, topped off by Imp Maid horns and band from Pantsu Hunter

Happy Shopping!

All items available now from Manga Fair


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