One of the rather wonderful things about this virtual world of Secondlife is the sense of community. We see this every time there is a fund raising event, and people will flock to donate, designers and shoppers alike.

We know that designers work hard to create those things we love to buy. Whether they are mesh makers, texturers, marketers, event organisers, PR people or any other of the endless list of contributors, they all come together to create lovely things.

At Christmas time, many designers send out gifts, or make gifts available in their stores. The kindness behind this always touches me, because it is generally not something seen outside of a virtual environment. So here is a small selection of gifts I have received, through the kindness of designers:


Christmas tree from Rachel Breaker


Outfit from Baiastice


Shoes from


Hair from Clawtooth


Tops from Moon Amore

Please designers, continue to delight and enthrall us into 2015!

Happy Shopping!

Gifts from:

Rachel Breaker



Moon Amore


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