Uber Opulence

The January round of Uber opened less than 24 hours ago, with the theme of ‘Opulence’. Many of the items certainly live up to this!

Uber Opulence

My hair is the Delilah style from Olive. you can also see I am wearing this luxurious pearl collar from Forge

Uber Opulence

My dress is the Overture Satin dress from Tres Blah

Uber Opulence

This hair is the Sapphire style from Little Bones. There is LOTS of hair at Uber this month!

Uber Opulence

I just love this outfit, which consists of Metallic Lace Skirt, Cinched Sweater (the construction of this is unbelievable) from Ison, available as separate pieces, and my definitely over the top Opulence Sunglasses from Pure Poison.

At this month’s Uber, I was surprised to see that some designers had significantly higher prices on their items than I had seen for quite some years. Of course, a designer is entitled to put any price they like on their creations, however I have not seen some of these prices since 2007 or so. To price a jacket at 500L is the prerogative of the creator, but then it is also my choice not to purchase. I will not pay these kind of prices for a garment that is only part of an outfit.

In other price news, it was most heartening to see that Truth has lowered the price of the Minerva hair to 200L per pack. Well done Truth Hawks for this move, much appreciated by the shoppers!

Happy Shopping!


All items as listed are available at the January round of Uber


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