Here, There, and Everywhere – or, What’s with the Price Gouging Trend?

Like many of you, I use my SL weekend time to flit around the Grid to see what’s new. I subscribe to event notices and visit when I can. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I recoil in horror – but it all adds up to learning what is happening with designs and designers, bloggers and shoppers.

I’ve noticed a recent trend, which I find a little annoying. I’ve been to a few events in the past week or so, with a HUGE disparity in pricing. This is usually fine, because you can often find quite a mix of items – template vs original, established vs growing business, and a multitude of other factors.

I went to a popular event a few days ago, and found items hovering around the 500L mark EACH, for pieces of an outfit. I know the arguments that designers can price their items as they wish, and I have no issue with this. I can also pay what I wish, and I don’t know too many people who would happily pay these prices.

I have just come from another event, where I found similar pricing. These items were priced at around the 400L mark, and were ALL templates. Now, I have no issue with templates, but when I see template mesh with template texture added, and the asking price of around 400L – well you can just count me out of this charade. And spare me the debate about cost of templates, hours of work etc etc. Nothing, in this virtual environment, justifies these prices for templated items!

Now on to the fun stuff – here are a few things I’ve gathered on my weekend jaunt:

Here, there, and Everywhere

This outfit I’ve put together with pieces available at Blueberry, including the hair. I am wearing the Sweater Crop Top and the Beads Belt Denim Shorts. My hair is also from Blueberry, the Alessa style. The tank though, is a system layer piece that I got from quite a while ago. System layers can be very useful, and you can likely still get them at the marketplace store .

Here, there, and Everywhere

This cute little coat is from a gacha from Sweet Angel at the Room 69 event. My hair is from at Creation Japan event.

Here, there, and Everywhere

This little dress is one of very many available at heavily discounted prices at Liv Glam, as they transition into a new brand. Go get yourselves a bargain while you can!

Here, there, and Everywhere

This nifty little A-line dress comes with a colour HUD to suit your mood. From A & Co, its a handy addition to your wardrobe. My hair is by Olive for Uber.

Here, there, and Everywhere

And this final item is a gift you can get from Aisling. Too cute!

Happy shopping!


Liv Glam

Room 69

A & Co





3 thoughts on “Here, There, and Everywhere – or, What’s with the Price Gouging Trend?

    • Well, I guess people who over price their stuff will not get the sales. There’s a few models for marketing, and price gouging does not lead to even medium term success.

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