Collabor88 is Here Again!

Another round of Collabor88 awaits us, with all sorts of magical creations!

Collabor88 is Here Again!

This ensemble is available as separate pieces, all from Emery: The Legolas shorts, Galadriel top and off shoulder jacket. My hair is from Tableau Vivant

Collabor88 is Here Again!

Petal dress and separate jacket from Atomic, comes with three colour options per outfit

Collabor88 is Here Again!

Constance blouses and Kinley skirts from Tres Blah in a good range of texture options

Collabor88 is Here Again!

Gorgeously pretty shoes from, the Cora heels

Collabor88 is Here Again!

And the Celestia Flounce Skirt and Pinkie Lacey blouse from The Secret Store

Happy Shopping!


All items as listed are available from this month’s Collabor88


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