Seasons Story ~ Spring Edition

If you haven’t been along to this event, you really should. You will be dazzled by beautiful things, such as these…

Seasons Story ~ Spring Edition

On the left is the Suspender Leggings and Britt Cropped Top from LE Primitif, and on the right is Birdy Pants and Birdy top from Spirit

Seasons Story ~ Spring Edition

This beautiful outfit, the Sweetheart set is of course from Atomic, and comes in a variety of colours and prints

Seasons Story ~ Spring Edition

The deliciously springy Ivy dress from Enfant Terrible goes so well with the Kelly hair from Diva

Seasons Story ~ Spring Edition

One of my favourites, the Daisa dress, is from CandyDoll

Seasons Story ~ Spring Edition

The Anne dress from Kitja is a perfect dress for whiling away lazy days

Seasons Story ~ Spring Edition

And finally, my hair in many of these photos is the Sarah style from Pr!tty

Happy Shopping!


All items as listed are available now from The Seasons Story

My skin is Kiko from Ugly Duck


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