I love the ocean where it meets the sky

Sometimes, in that in-between time when you’re not asleep and not awake, a name pops into your head. At least, it does for me.

This morning, a name from Secondlife popped into my head – a person I knew mostly from Plurk and only ever so slightly from in world. I knew her on Plurk as 10:10 – aka Mela Kidd. We chatted once in a while about Pacifika cultures and their similarities, as I had travelled through Pacific Nations. Melanie was from Hawaii.

Tonight, I read on Plurk that she had died. Although knowing her only slightly, I felt a wistful sadness that never again, would we have discussions about music and life. I know there are people in Secondlife that will feel the loss of Melanie most grievously, and to them, I feel your pain. I have known loss of dear SL friends.

I find it comforting that Melanie’s family will probably not even be aware of how their daughter, perhaps sister, maybe aunt, was loved by strangers from around the world. This is the mark we leave on those we touch, because grief is the price we pay for love.

I love the ocean where it meets the sky

Go gently Melanie, on your next journey.


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