99L Bargains

So, we all know that many designers/store owners use templates for their products, but often the sellable point is how templates are textured, options provided, and of course, the cost of the finished item.

I stumbled across a store, Hilly Haalan Fashions, which offers a very reasonably priced alternative to current SL fashion. As far as I can determine, all items are for standard sizes as well as popular mesh bodies. AND, all clothing that I can see comes with a HUD giving you a multitude of colour/pattern options. For 99 linden.

99L Bargains The Maggie Gee outfit comes with a 30-texture HUD, so I had a play with it 99L Bargains

Combinations are not endless, however you have a good variety with 30 options for various elements of the garment

99L Bargains The Aralyn dress is a timeless classic style, and you can really have some fun playing around with this 99L Bargains

Each texture comes with the belt colour preset, so it is just the dress colour/texture you have control over.

Both outfits excellent value. You can find them and more at:

Hilly Haalan Fashions

Happy Shopping!


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