The Madness of Midnight Mania

Midnight saw the opening of the first current round of Midnight Mania.

Now, I must first explain that this is a new concept. Back in 2006 – 7 – 8 this was a common marketing tool that was a fun way for participants to find new stores and at the same time, receive a gift if they slapped a board before time ran out.

The key word here is “gift”. A gift is not an entitlement, nor a right. It does not give ANYONE the right to abuse designers, rant and rave in group chat, or be generally obnoxious.

Last night’s first round of Midnight Mania did not kick off at midnight. Sims crashed, MM Boards failed to work, and some people were quite grumpy. The designers involved then made a group decision to give these gifts for free for today. Some require that you be group members. I think this is a kind gesture!

This is a few of the offerings:

The Madness of Midnight Mania

Charisma dress from Just Because, with Thread hair from Magika

The Madness of Midnight Mania

Back to School skirt from Blueberry, with Sterling Sleeves from Vinyl

The Madness of Midnight Mania

Yvonne Kimono Dress from Fishy Strawberry

You can find more items and all the links at Midnight Mania website

Happy Shopping!


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