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Grid Browsing

Weekends are a time to relax and trawl the Grid for bargains, things of interest, and new releases. Here’s some I found:

Grid Browsing

This Wishing Well set is from Atelier, and is available at Designer Warehouse

Grid Browsing

Maliit dress in gold, by Boom at TDR Fusion

Grid Browsing

Skirts and tops, all available at BLOKC

Grid Browsing

And another skirt, also from BLOKC. My hair is a new release from MINA, available at TDR Fusion

Happy Shopping!


Atelier at Designer Warehouse

TDR Fusion



No, It’s Not OK – or – Get Me the Hell Off your Porno Mail List

I logged into Secondlife this early evening after dinner – pizza seeing as it’s the weekend – and as usual there was a small batch of notices awaiting me. This is quite normal as I am not usually logged in on normal northern hemisphere business hours.

One notice caught my eye, sent to me by ‘MailingList’. With such a dodgy sounding name, I was quite loathe to open it. The SL account for ‘MailingList’ had only been made yesterday, so I was especially wary of a scam. However, I know that I have just increased my security in world by 1000% or so, so I opened the notecard.

Imagine my surprise to see it was essentially an advertisement from the self styled SL king of porn, hounded out of this virtual world some time back, amid rumour of all sorts of “business practices”, who is now apparently making some sort of comeback. I have no interest.

I have no interest in porn in Secondlife; I have no interest in the simulated sex play that has been the poorest advertising for the Grid for 10 years; I have no interest in knowing that some porn guy is back.

I have no interest in what I consider to be the demeaning and insulting over sexualisation of women in Secondlife; I have no interest in events named ‘panty raid’ like some tired old US college custom from the 1950s; I have no interest in a porn organisation hiding behind children’s charities by offering to fund raise; I particularly have no interest in one of my favourite genres – steampunk – being lassoed by the porn industry.

I so have no interest in Secondlife porn that I know I did not subscribe to receive information about it. Which then begs the question – how did I become subscribed to receive this notecard from a dodgy account? Without delving into the realms of paranoia, there are a few methods that come to mind:

1. My account is set up to enter Adult rated sims, so this information has been gathered and added to a database

2. Because I am set up to go into adult sims, I have occasionally ended up at an Adult hub when sims have crashed or not been available at the point of log in. Perhaps information has been gathered of those who arrive in such places, and again entered on a database

3. Many more sinister methods could have been used to gather account names, which I will not bore you with.

I log into Secondlife for many reasons, NONE of which have anything to do with porno expos. I have blocked the account of ‘MailingList’ but I am realistic enough to know this is not really a defence against future spamming from this account. It annoys me incredibly that I have been spammed by ANYONE in such an unsolicited way. So I have one message for the organisers of this fiasco –


No, It's Not OK

Meanwhile, I shall ponder the true delights of creative and artistic expression in this amazing virtual world. The beautiful pieces of furniture shown above were recently at the Christmas Expo, which I was unable to blog due to RL events. These pieces are from the workshop of Stephan Visconti, trading as Atelier Visconti, which you can find here