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Winter and Whimsy

So being winter in Secondlife and all, I thought I should focus on cold weather looks, rather than shorts, tshirts, the beach, sunshine and summer..

Winter & Whimsy

G.Field belatedly released their offering at Creation Japan, and it is quite a lovely simple knitted tunic with wee heart shaped pockets

Winter & Whimsy

So I added this snuggly scarf from Zenith

Winter & Whimsy

and then it all went a bit crazy when I added a panda bag, and also one to my head. It’s rear end wriggles!

Winter & Whimsy

Although it did manage to stay very focused, which was more than you could say for me, watching a wriggling baby panda on my head..

Winter & Whimsy

My shoes come with long cable knit sock option. I am also wearing tights from Cannibelle.

Happy Shopping!


Knit Tunic by G Field at Creation Jp

Fringed long scarf by Zenith at Shiny and Shabby

Spot of Winter tights by Cannibelle

Hunting Boots by Mikunch at Kustom 9

Yuzu hair by Argrace

Panda family *rare* gacha by Zenith I have a spare of this set, if anyone would like it? Ping me in world 🙂

My skin is Domino from Kooqla