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Delilah dress with Maria Cropped Blazer, both from Decoy


Lea Outfit from Caboodle

Fairy Nights hair from Tableau Vivant

All available at Collabor88

Happy Shopping!


Collabor88 2nd Birthday ~ A Generation in Flames

The theme of Collabor88 for it’s special 2nd Birthday event is the Roaring Twenties. This was a period in the earlier part of the 20th century often referred to as ‘the lost generation’ and ‘the generation in flames’. This was for a number of reasons, not least of which was the tragically high loss of youth to the ravages of World War One. This generation suffered doubly by going off to another Word War within their life times.

But in the between times, youth exhilarated in being alive. This was the generation that paved the way for great social, political and economic change throughout the twentieth century. This was a time when mothers despaired of their daughters antics, when jazz became alive, when hemlines raised themselves dramatically and when hair was CUT!

I have a selection of photos of items from Collabor88. The final photo is a nude, which I rarely do. You won’t be able to see it in the feeds – you will have to click on my blog link to actually see it. I apologise in advance if this offends anyone, however I am rather pleased with the result. I was aiming for an expression of exuberance in youth. I hope I hit the mark!

Collabor88 2nd Birthday

Top by Decoy, necklace by MG, hairband by Noodles, hair by Alice Project

Collabor88 2nd Birthday

Hair by Lamb, dress by Emery

Collabor88 2nd Birthday

Shimmy dress by Cynful

Collabor88 2nd Birthday

This dress that I just adore, Daisy Buchanan’s Rose dress by UFO

Collabor88 2nd Birthday

Nana I skin by Ugly Duck, hair by Lamb


All items as noted from Collabor88

My skin is from Ugly Duck

Lippy is from Dead Apples