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I was at the Gacha Garden last week and came across the Caboodle gacha:

Cloudy I am rather smitten by this outfit, the Rare items which you can get in sky blue and black. Cloudy

The common garment is the bodysuit, also in sky blue and black.

All available at Caboodle at Gacha Garden

Happy Shopping!


Your Weekend Bargain

This weekend’s bargain is a combination of a number of events:

Your Weekend Bargain

My Hot pink Marina dress is from Caboodle at the Gacha Garden – 75L

My hair is from Miwa’s starship also at the Gacha Garden – 79L

My necklace is the Gypsy Flower Amulet of Antimony by Maxi Gossamer for Fifty Linden Friday – 50L. It has a texture changer to match your mood!

Gacha Garden

Maxi Gossamer

Happy Shopping!